Hands-On Workshops & Training

Workshops are my favorite way to go deep on a particular topic, because I get to work face-to-face with folks who want new approaches to how they spend their time at work and at home. Plus, workshops are a ton of fun! People leave energized and excited, with practical new tools and techniques they can use right away.


The Design Sprint — In this fun, fast-paced, hands-on event, we run an entire Design Sprint in less than a day. Learn the process, try the exercises, and develop muscle memory for running your own sprints. Full day or half day. See public workshop dates or contact me below about a private workshop.

Making Time for What Matters (new in 2019) — In this workshop, you’ll begin to reclaim control over your time and attention. Identify your biggest time wasters, choose your top priorities, redesign your daily schedule, and make concrete changes to the devices and technology that monopolize your time. Half day.

The Art and Science of Creative Groupwork (new in 2019) — When it’s time for new ideas or solutions to a pressing problem, we often turn to brainstorming. But there’s a big problem: Research shows that group brainstorming doesn’t actually produce better ideas than individuals working alone. In this workshop, you’ll learn a concrete recipe that can be used for any group who needs to generate and evaluate any kind of idea. Half day.

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