Posted January 10, 2011
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2010: The year in review

In previous years I have published lists of cities and books. This year I attempt to summarize the year in its entirety. Cities and books included :)

With the limited hindsight that 10 days of 2011 provides, looking back at 2010 I can say it was one of the best years of my life. Certainly it was one of the most eventful.

In late 2009, Michelle and I decided to move to San Francisco so I could take a new opportunity at Google — designing tools for video creators and curators at YouTube. I moved in January (just over a year ago) and Michelle came to SF in April, after wrapping up some important projects at work and selling our condo. We found an apartment in Russian Hill, which is a charming, traditional, perhaps old-fashioned neighborhood. We are close to the water, a mile from two farmers markets, and within walking distance of all our daily necessities. San Francisco is a wonderful place to live and we are glad we moved!

Transferring to YouTube was interesting to me, in part, because of the opportunity to rapidly conceive, design, build and ship new features on the world’s third most popular web site. During 2010 I worked on a bunch of interesting projects, including:

Outside the office, I worked on a couple of fun projects, including:

Although I moved nearly 2,000 miles away from my sailboat Starfire (and later sold my share), I did a lot of sailing in 2010. San Francisco Bay is one of the best places to sail and home to OCSC, one of the best sailing schools. Highlights of our adventures on the water include:

Normally I limit my “year in places” list to cities or towns where I spent at least one night. But moving to the Bay Area has put dozens of wonderful destinations for day trips within reach, and we have taken advantage of many of those (yet hardly scratched the surface). Here are the cities, towns and islands I visited during 2010:

Finally, in keeping with tradition, a list of the books I read during 2010:

Thanks for reading. Here’s to 2011!