Posted May 26, 2006
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Messing around with Amazon S3 access on Mac OS X

For whatever reason, Amazon’s S3 has captured my attention since the day it launched.

I want to use S3 for an online backup of my most important files. (I already do nightly local backups of everything, but that’s not enough. I’m paranoid.)

I’m finally close to reaching this goal, but it’s not been terribly easy.

Here’s a brief recount of my trials with S3 so far:

  1. s3DAV. It didn’t work so well on OS X. The developer was really helpful, so we traded a few emails while he attempted to get it working on OS X from across the Atlantic. No luck.

  2. JungleDisk (via Steven Frank). Much, much better. Of course I jumped in head-first and ran my backup script immediately, which attempted to copy 10GB of data to my S3 account. That took all night and then some; I finally had to cancel the operation. But somehow I managed to bork (technically speaking, of course) my S3 bucket so JungleDisk beach-balled every time I tried to connect.

  3. S3 Browser. I found this while looking for a way to get into my account and delete the screwed-up bucket. Too bad there was no way to delete more than one file at a time — I would’ve had to press “Delete” 15,000 times. Not fun.

  4. jSh3ll. Like most things of this nature, I had to turn to the command-line to get anything done. In a rare moment of competency, I downloaded and built jSh3ll (using Ant, no less) on my Power Mac and connected to my S3 account. I deleted the troublesome bucket from the command-line and now I’m back to square one (mostly).

I’m running a much smaller backup to S3 right now. Wish me luck.

(Oh, and have a good weekend! Michelle and I are headed to Green Lake for the holiday. How about you?)