Posted April 18, 2006
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Living the Google Life

screenshot of camino with gmail, google calendar, google finance and google weather

Starting right now (imagine a finger-snapping sound) I am beginning a week-long experiment to see if Google can successfully run my email, calendar, stocks, weather and other personal information needs.

Here’s the plan, tool by tool. Wish me luck.


Google doesn’t make it, but it’s integral to this experiment. Since Safari is only half-supported by Google, and I can’t stand Firefox for anything but web development and debugging, Camino’s a great choice. It’s my dedicated “Google Browser,” chrome-free and tabbed-up as you can see here.


I’ve been forwarding my mail through Gmail for a long time, but only recently have I considered using it as my primary mail client. (Matt Haughey inspired me to give it a try.) I’m finding it easy to explain away old excuses and relearn shortcuts and techniques. If this experiment is successful, I’ll switch completely — ending a four-year love affair with Mail.app. Possible? We’ll see.

Google Calendar

My dissatisfaction with calendars goes way back. A month ago, I jumped the iCal ship and boarded 30boxes. I love 30boxes — it’s just about perfect — but Google’s offering matches 30boxes feature-by-feature, provides a draggable events interface, and is integrated with other services I use all the time. And since it’s hosted by Google, Calendar is almost always up and it’s very speedy.

Google Finance

Stock quotes are not as important as email or calendaring, but I spend a lot of time here and it warrants a spot in my personal G-Suite. I love just about everything about Google Finance — the super-clean portfolio view, the interactive charts and the time-aligned news.

Google Search (for everything else)

Did you know Google does weather? And movie times? And local listings? And a million other things? As I learn about new Google functionality, I find myself relying more and more on the search engine (remember when Google was just a search engine?) for all kinds of day-to-day needs.

See you in a week

Time permitting, I’ll post the verdict in a week. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.